Matakana Wine Tasting

Free tastings of 4 wines upto 7 persons

As one of Matakana’s finest vineyard restaurants, how could we not provide our customers with the finest Matakana wine tasting experience?

Wine Tasting at our Matakana restaurant gives you the opportunity to taste our French/Italian/Spanish inspired Reds and Whites and Rose at our Cellar Door which is located at Plume Restaurant on 49A, Sharp Road. The Italian inspired vineyard adjoins the restaurant while all the other grapes come from our main vineyard which is about four kilometres away from the restaurant.

Wine Tastings take place at our splendidly decorated cellar door and the beautiful New Zealand landscape as the perfect backdrop. Our Cellar Door is an unmissable spot along your Matakana wine tour.

Wine Tastings are available Thurs, Friday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm – and 11am to 3pm on Saturdays.

We offer Wine Tasting of 4 of our Wines (do recommend you try the Rose, Albarino and 2 of our best reds!) free at the Cellar Door for the casual visitor without any need for advance booking – however, in case the cellar door is busy when you do come in you may have to wait a while!

Groups of 8 or more need to make advance bookings which need to be confirmed – and Wine Tasting will be done in the Wine Library of Plume Restaurant or for larger groups in our Rengarenga room where we hold events – these will be charged for at $ 12 per guest for the Wine Tasting. For groups of more than 10 we require one payment for the group.