Wine and Beverages at Plume

As a winery restaurant, we pride ourselves on our small wine list that has been selected to reflect the diversity of our wines and some exceptional original European wines. Each wine represents one of the most authentic of that type and, in most cases, comes from the region best known for that variety. Plume has also introduced a house wine of Sauvignon Blanc grape variety from Marlborough from the 2016 vintage for easy summer drinking.

Our wine list can be sampled in house at the restaurant or organised as part of a paddle of wines or tasted at the Cellar door. Contact us today for more information.

Runner Duck Estate Wines

Plume, the vineyard restaurant, Matakana is the house of Runner Duck Estate which is committed to excellence in the wine that it produces and will simply not produce unless the year has delivered a quality harvest. The vintages show what the Matakana terroir is capable of producing from its clay loam soils. The 8 acre boutique vineyard located at 37 Duck Creek Road in Warkworth, a town whose symbol is the duck, was first planted in 2003.

The vineyard comprises a total of 4ha with about 2.6 hectares of the French varietal of Syrah and the classic French Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Merlot. Most operations are catered to by hand as any boutique vineyard should practice and no irrigation is used. Runner Duck is committed to Sustainability and minimum residue in wines and is under the SWNZ programme of producing wines. Two red wines each were produced from 2007 onwards in the good years, a Syrah and a Red Blend. The 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019 vintages belong to exceptional vintages.

Additionally, a Rose and Pinot Gris were produced from 2011 vintage grapes onwards for easy summer drinking. Thereafter a Methode traditionale, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Albarino were added into our range.

The 0.5 ha plot adjoining Plume Restaurant on Sharp Road was planted in the early 90s and produces a crop of the Italian varietal, Sangiovese, and has produced exceptional wines now drinking the 2015.

Runner Duck is committed to Sustainability and Nil Residue in wines. The distinct brand, apart from the fortuitous link with the nationality and historic career of the Runner Duck Estate's owners, reflects the shape of the Indian Runner Duck a breed of duck often linked to the shape of a wine bottle.