For the very first time in many years, we have bottled our Olive Oil and the same is now available for Sale at the Cellar Door of Runner Duck Estate at Plume, the vineyard restaurant, Matakana.

Our 11 ha property at Duck Creek Road, lying just to the south of Matakana and some 65 kms north of Auckland, has about 3 ha of olives planted on it. The region is known for its fresh produce, artisan vineyards and a temperate coastal climate with plenty of sunshine on clay loam soils giving our oil a “distinctive character”. Our vineyard has two huge Olive Groves – one has always borne fruit – the other NEVER! Strange isn’t it? When the experts were called in we were told that the cultivar planted would never grow in New Zealand – so everything was uprooted and new plants put it – these are still growing!

However, this year we have bottled our Olive Oil, “certified” EXTRA VIRGIN – the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) 0% Cholesterol/Sugar/Sodium, Total Fat Per Serve 15 gms, Saturated Fat Per Serve 2 gms – EVOO is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. The Runner Duck Olive Oil is fruity and has delicious herby flavours – TRY ONE TODAY – available at Plume, the vineyard restaurant, Matakana!