100% Pure Matakana Grape Juice is now available at Plume, the Vineyard Restaurant, Matakana.

The Grape Juice fills a long standing need in the community. Runner Duck Estate has made their Grape Juice from the grapes growing on their Vineyard – Syrah and Merlot grapes – thus, these are not table grapes but actual “wine grapes” picked at 18 Brix of the 2014 vintage. No added sugar or preservatives.

Our Juice is best served chilled, some like to dilute it a little with ice – some like to have it with soda for a “sparkling grape juice” – kids love it and delight in poking out their little purple tongues after finishing it! A lot of the older generation say the first sip reminds them of “Ribena” and their mums – the younger generation find it to be delightful, fabulous, sweet as, luscious! A very apt description for the same from an Aussie Tourist visiting us for a Wine Tasting and Lunch – “LIQUID DESSERT!”

It is now available to take home at the Cellar Door of Runner Duck Estate at Plume, the vineyard restaurant, Matakana!

Grape juice