Being Gluten Free has now become very common and seems to be the fashionable thing to do in this day and age – of course it is a totally different matter if you have a medical problem and have to be Gluten Free for medical reasons.

At Plume Restaurant we always advise our guests who are Gluten Free to ask to speak to the Duty Manager before ordering their meals. Heiko, our baker at Plume Bakery used to make Gluten Free Friands at the Café – however, we noticed that these turned “dry” very soon and really were not good enough to eat so we removed the same from the menu. We have now come up with a delicious and healthy carrot cake – GLUTEN FREE! It is made from Coconut Flour (from Matakana Super Foods and is LOW GI for those in the know!) – no butter used but healthy grape seed oil used instead – yes, it does have ‘egg’ but no dairy! And sadly it does have a little bit of sugar! This is the most yummy Gluten Free Healthy Cake and worth trying out! The next gluten gree offering is going to be a decadent chocolate cake – watch this space for more details!