These are are few of Plume’s favourite DIY wedding ideas that we came across on Pinterest. Hopefully it creates some inspiration for your own magical Plume wedding.

1. Gorgeous backdrop made out of paper and string. Cheap yet effect.

2. Used glass bottles with string tied around the top. You can collect these or hunt them down at local op shops. Add flowers to each that are the same colour theme as your wedding with a bit of water and hang them all around your venue.

3. Table numbers made out of frames. You can also course these from op shops or if your lucky the warehouse or K Mart may have them. Spray paint them the colour you want, add a textured background and add the numbers into the frame.

4. Sweets table. Collect jars to put sweets in, funky plates and cups etc. Use card and crafts to made cute signs of what each sweet is and instructions, make or buy paper goodie bags and there you have your own DIY sweets table to entertain your guests. This will go down a hit!!

5. Initials made out of flower petals. A nice touch to your table at the reception. Add flower petals to a cardboard cut out of each of your initials.

6. Candle jars. Collect used cans and glass jars, punch holes in the can and add a tea candle to create effect. Add lace, glitter or paint to the glass jars and add a tea candle for the perfect table center piece.

7. Polaroids of you and your husband pegged up onto rope. Cute little touch and gives the guests something cool to look at and entertain them.

8. Bouquet made out of broaches. Collect them from family members or op shops and made a beautiful unique or even sentimental bouquet.

9.Glass center piece. Use wine glasses, turn them over and hot glue a tea candle to the base of the wine glass, add some flowers inside the glass and place onto op a mirror. Beautiful!